Apple Picking

by lindsayhiggins4

Back in October (where has the time gone?!) Garrison and I headed up to North Carolina to pick some apples. The year prior we had planned to go, but every weekend we were free the weather was terrible! So here are a few pictures from our long awaited journey. img_9323img_9324img_9338We chose to pick Pink Lady apples because they were the only (semi) red apples in season at that time. I’m not the biggest fan of sour green apples. Garrison is the least picky person I have ever met and he might argue that I am the most picky person he has ever met. Sorry Garrison.  img_9340img_9345img_9351We rarely remember to get pictures of the two of us together. But this time, I asked someone at random to take our picture. Well, this random wasn’t well trained in taking pictures with a DSLR camera nor the iPhone. But thankfully, one of the three he took wasn’t blurry. It’s a miracle!

This apple orchard is well known for their apple cider donuts. We waited a whole hour to get a dozen of these things. When it was almost our turn in line, a lady came up to us disguised in a giant scarf and some sunglasses and whispered to us. She asked if we would buy her a dozen if she payed us. Apparently her dog was at doggy day care and she had to go pick it up and didn’t have enough time to wait in line. I’m not one for bribery and I didn’t want to upset the people behind us. But Garrison being the kind soul he is couldn’t let her down so he agreed. Therefore her dog was picked up on time and we got free donuts! All is well.

After our little adventure, we came home and made an apple crisp and topped it off with some vanilla ice cream. I also made my Mom’s famous caramel apple dip, thanks Mom.

Short and sweet. Maybe one day I will remember or have time to write a blog post in decent timing.


Linny Liz