I’m Back

by lindsayhiggins4

After a hiatus lasting almost a year, I’m back! Many a friend has encouraged me to keep up with this blog I started. So I guess I will take their advice and jump back in!

In a year, a lot happens. This year was full of design, the great outdoors, and road trips. Therefore, I will update you with a collection of random things that happened during 2016. And then we will see how things progress after that.

This semester, I took typography. At the end, my classmates and I had all created our own typefaces. I loved every second of this class.

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An environmental typography project.

 This was a huge accomplishment for me. I went into this class terrified and doubtful that I would be able to create a typeface but ALAS I did it and I’m pretty dang proud of it. This is my tired self with the typeface. It was created for NASA’s Space Camp (theoretically).

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At the start of the summer two of my best friends and I moved into a new place that we will be staying in for the year. Moving is so crazy but we love our new home. Maybe I’ll show it to you sometime soon.

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Not to brag, but we have the best light…

Thankfully Garrison (the boyfriend) lived close by this summer. That meant adventure all the time. We love experiencing new things and usually choose a short road trip or a hiking trip instead of a traditional date…and I love it!

Garrison has taught me to appreciate the outdoors. In high school I hated being outside but now I’m always wanting to be out in the million degree weather (SC you are the worst but I still love you). I don’t mind getting a little (a lot) sweaty.

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As far as road trips, I’ve been all over. I took a trip back to Cincinnati to visit my family, Garrison and I went to Atlanta, my family vacationed in Asheville, I headed to Nashville for a week, I went to Charleston a few times and the list goes on.

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Garrison, that boy loves his mountains and he makes sure to take me there frequently. I don’t mind.


Cincinnati Reds vs Atlanta Braves

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Chrome Yellow Trading Co.

In Atlanta, mid June, we celebrated both of our May birthdays (May 1st and 3rd). RIGHT ON TIME! I took him to the Coke Museum and he took me to a baseball game, my Cincinnati Reds verses the Atlanta Braves. Reds won by the way!

My roommate Caroline lives in Charleston and lets us come visit all the time. I love that city. This past visit we discovered Leon’s Oyster Shop and boy oh boy was it cute!

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This is Leon’s waiting area. Dang cute.

My best friend from high school was living in Nashville this summer and I took a little trip up. I loved Nashville and am now craving its food. Mas Tacos I love you and I think about you often (haha).

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Lastly, I wanted to brag on my boyfriend. He has been working super hard this summer creating art. He recently opened up and etsy shop with some of his work and he plans to add some pieces soon. Take a look. Click Here

Here is one of his pieces. But you can’t have this one because he gave it to me! Sorry!


Welp, there’s a little peek into my summer. Its not very thorough but hey, we all know I’m not the best at this.

Thanks for reading!


Linny Liz