Nerdy Vacation

by lindsayhiggins4

Every summer our family goes on a week-long vacation. We choose a new place every time to make sure we see something we’ve never seen before. My parents are really good at making sure we get to see lots of cool things and my mom loves planning (crazy lady).

So this year, we went to Williamsburg, VA. I know, sounds lame (Mom even said so). This was a very nerdy vacation (hence the title) but never the less, a good one. Always an adventure with the Higgins family.


First lets address the wardrobe that I packed for this trip. Would you look at that variety?! But seriously people, this is not the complete collection of my striped articles of clothing. I have a serious problem. Someone stage an intervention.


Look at my cutie sister. Little blurry, but still cute.


The first day, we headed to Jamestown. There were two choices, the Jamestown Settlement which was a plot of land that has buildings and a shipyard with people dressed up who reenact what it would be like in the first settlement in America. The other choice was Historic Jamestown. Historic Jamestown was the actual land where the first settlement was placed. And of course we visited both.

This lady was simply a bundle of joy (Sarcasm). She was demonstrating how to weave different things such as baskets and cloth etc. But I was cracking up at some of the comments she was making to people asking questions. Her answers were so dry and sarcastic and I’m all like “Lady, why ya workin here?”

Here’s a chicken.


We had walked into this church and this fella appeared and started talking for a long time, and we accidentally got roped into a tour in which he took us around to each building and explained everything. And a round of applause for this guy because it was H.O.T. outside and he was wearing a full suit of armor.

I won’t lie, I’m not one for reenactments. I’d much rather see the real deal and look at all of the artifacts. Therefore, I was much more interested in Historic Jamestown.

This cool little structure was sitting right next to the foundation that Pocahontas was married on! Wowie!

There was an archaeological dig going on while we were there and I was fascinated. Mom’s excitement might have beat mine though. Mom’s the kind of gal who will talk to anyone to get the inside scoop. While me and my sister had walked away to look at something else Mom had found this old man who knew ALL about the dig and gave us a rather lengthy explanation with pictures and everything. Thanks dude!IMG_7657IMG_7659

The next day was July 4th so we headed to Downtown Williamsburg where there were lots of festivities planned (This was a reenactment sort of thing too). The first thing happening that Mom was wanting to see was the reading of the Declaration of Independence. We missed it. Boo. Sorry Mom. However, we didn’t miss the tug-of-war. Yippee! IMG_7670

Hey Ma!
IMG_7688 IMG_7690 IMG_7695IMG_7691

There we lots of little buildings that you walked around in where people were demonstrating different trades. This little building was so cute.  IMG_9857The next day was my favorite. We made our way to Washington DC. I had never been there before and let me tell you, I WILL be going back. I might even want to live there some day (shhh). We were typical tourists that day. Might as well have been wearing Hawaiian shirts, camera around our necks and sunscreen slathered on our faces…oh wait I had two of the three…I burn easily….


We made it to the White House, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Air and Space Museum, the National Archives and the Washington Monument. We only had a day so we did our best. IMG_9884_2

What a bABE. (I know I already made that joke on Instagram but it just kills me every time)IMG_9888_2IMG_9907

OKAY. Have you had Shake Shack? If so you are probably like “Seriously Lindsay, get with it.” but seriously best burger and fries I’ve every had. Ever. IMG_9905IMG_9908

Mom wanted to head over to Georgetown Cupcakes “as seen on tv”. To be honest, I didn’t really like them. Sorry.IMG_9920 IMG_9926

Lauren wanted a beach day so we set out to find a good beach. And as we left, it started to DOWNPOUR. We found an empty beach, snapped some pictures, stuck our toes in the water and set out to look for another beach with nicer weather.


And success! We found a sunny beach with only two other people!

Twas a nerdy vacation, twas a hot vacation, but we sure did have a lot of fun!


Linny Liz