Another Dimension

by lindsayhiggins4

Let me tell you about a magical place. My friends and I happened upon it while exploring one day. This place is very strange and I like to call it the “magical thrift store” *grand hand gestures*. This place is a “thrift store” (quotations because I don’t know what else to call it) that has one very small path way that maneuvers through many different, very dark, rooms and eventually out into an small fenced off area outside. When I say small path, I mean small. There is barely enough room for one person to walk much less two. Junk is just piled to the ceilings on either side.

IMG_7706 This place is so very whimsical (one of my favorite words) but at the same time very frightening; there is just too much stuff here. As you walk through, let me tell you, this place is not lacking terrifyingly creepy baby dolls, some decapitated. If you are brave enough to make it to the outdoor section and have not since gone running for the hills, you will find a large number of junk along with a large number of live geese and chicken. Seriously. But if you look hard enough and try not to knock anything over you might find something really cool…or maybe just another creepy doll.


I mean, look at all of this junk….HOW IN THE WORLD?IMG_8101 IMG_8091 IMG_8116 IMG_8113 IMG_8080

I can’t decide whether I love or hate this place, but I have been here more than once. If you are ever in Greenville, SC, go look for it.


Linny Liz